We always concerned about content creation based on capability. So we decided to create our own multisite WordPress for hassle free blog hosting with customize needs. Because we are a big fan of WordPress and know how powerful to send a message through digital world. While too much fake news and low quality content, our mission to create a validated organic content from recognize author.

Blogme.id featuring the best of WordPress usability and provide easy blogging with no worries about updating, plugin, theme, security, and others thing that can stop you for using WordPress. So, lets get started your own blog and write something powerful to influence and share a good news to others.

About BP Network

We are Indonesian digital company who very concern about blogging and empowering Indonesian female blogger. After we succeed build BP Network (Influencer Blogger Management) and Blogger Perempuan Network (The Largest Indonesian Female Blogger Network), we want to encourage our blogger (and who interested) for better blogging with WordPress.